Monday, December 31, 2012

Viewing 3-D Fossil Images

Back in October 2012, the British Geological Survey has posted an experimental video on YouTube with 3-D fossil images using red/blue colors. The video lasts over 3 minutes and features over 10 fossils.
In order to look at the video one needs some 3-D glasses. You can make a pair using a PDF template found at NASA's STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) web site.

I created a pair using the following materials
  • card stock paper with printer to print out template
  • clear transparency (I used transparent plastic sheet protectors)
  • blue Sharpie marker
  • red Sharpie marker
  • scissors
  • pen knife (optional to cut out eye holes instead of using scissors)
  • Scotch tape

Some changes made to the original was to cut out a rectangular area next to the arm pieces to allow it to be taped together better. I drew dashed lines are on the template if you look close at the image.

The Geosciences Collection at the British Geological Survey also have a 3D image of trilobite on their blog site: