Sunday, August 27, 2023

28th Annual Digging the Past Event


Yesterday I volunteered at the Falls of the Ohio State Park (Clarksville, Indiana USA) where I spent about 5 hours setting up, identifying and digging up Silurian fossils for visitors to the park. Most of my time was at the Waldron Shale piles containing Silurian period fossils. The main building was closed due to the air conditioning system being replaced. It has been hot this last week and as a result there was a very light turn out, maybe the fewest number of people I have seen since I started volunteering at this annual event.

The heavy rain the night before revealed a number of fossils on the surface but it was extremely muddy and I almost lost my shoe several times getting stuck in the mud. After splitting some of the shale rocks, I found several Eucalyptocrinites crinoid cups and a holdfast, and brachiopods which I gave away to visitors. One visitor found two trilobite pygidium imprints of a Dalamites and Arctinerus.


These next images show Fardenia brachiopod fossil imprints.

All in all a somewhat nice day. It was in the 80s F in the morning and was getting hotter by noon. Working in the shale piles was muddy. I did not get to check out how the mineral piles or Devonian period fossil piles were going. The Devonian one was very mucky and wet.