Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Good Reason to Join KYANA Geological Society

We did a little house cleaning and the USB Kodak transfer cable was found in a drawer. I have been looking for this cable for about a year because the some pictures from a geology field trip was stored in the Kodak digital camera's internal memory. So these pictures were taken in April 2008 as KYANA Geological Society had their quarry field trip into a local quarry located in Clark County, Indiana. The area of the quarry we went to that day was full of Devonian fossils (horn corals, colonial corals, byrozoans, Phacops trilobites, button corals, gastropods, and other fossils). We also found geodes and pyrite in the New Albany Shale layer.

Our society gets to collect there because we have group insurance and are conscious about safety. Hopefully, our quarry trips will begin soon now that the weather is warming up.