Friday, April 18, 2014

Dolatocrinus triangulatus? Crinoid Calyx Fossil

This appears to be a Dolatocrinus triangulatus? (Barris, 1878) crinoid calyx fossil. It was found in the Thunder Bay Formation of Alpena Michigan, USA. It dates to the Middle Devonian Period (Erian).

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Thanks to Mary Ann for letting me take some pictures of this fine specimen. 

Species was named by Willis Hervey Barris (1821-1901) in 1878 in New Fossils from the Corniferous Formation at Davenport published Proceedings Davenport Academy of Sciences, Volume 2, pages 282-288, plates 10 and 11. Genus is attributed to S. S. Lyon in the Paleontological Report Geological Survey of Kentucky, 1856-1857 pages 465-498.