Saturday, May 9, 2009

Syringopora perelegans tabulate coral and Heliophyllum

These pictures were taken at GeoFair 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio of fossils in the winning display case.

The first picture is out of focus due to lighting conditions. This tabulate coral is called Syringopora perelegans from the Middle Devonian period. It was found in the Jeffersonville Limestone located in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

This second picture is in bad condition but I decided to post it anyway. It is a lot of smaller horn corals budding out of a larger horn coral. I have found ones with just one emerging but this one seems to have 9 coming out of it. It is a Heliophyllum sp. from the Middle Devonian period. It was found in the Jeffersonville Limestone from Jefferson County, Kentucky (Louisville).

Devonian Coral Hexagonaria

Here is a Hexagonaria sp. coral found in the Jeffersonville Limestone in Louisville Kentucky. The end needs to be polished to reveal more detail about the septa. This coral existed in the Middle Devonian period. It measures about 4 cm in length and 1 cm wide.

For more information, see Erwin Stumm's Silurian and Devonian Corals of the Falls of the Ohio pages 43-44 and plates 38-39 (pages 128-131).

HP Pavilion Error Messages

 UPDATE 4/12/2017
I opted out of the class action suit regarding this computer about 8 years ago as pre-heating the board before using fixed this issue. As it turns out the solution was in the software as I have kept using this computer all this time keeping the computer useful by upgrading its graphics card, hard drive to solid state drive, and more RAM. When Microsoft announced stopping support for Vista along with a lot of other software makers I decided to upgrade to Windows 10. As it turns out the software code causing these blue screen issues was removed or updated as I can now start the computer cold and it does not error. Sweet! In a side note, I read that Microsoft stopped supporting Vista officially yesterday.
Is the problem the HP Pavilion computer or Windows Vista or maybe both? I ran the hardware diagnostics multiple times from the BIOS and the operating system and everything passes. Started using bootable CD memory open source memory tester and it passed everything after 3.5 hours of continuous tests. Ran HP and Microsoft updates and they show all drivers and software up to date.

I can use the computer only 10 minutes and the keyboard and mouse will stop responding. Only holding the power button down to restart will get a reaction. Tried unplugging the USB keyboard and putting it in another port but no reaction. I am not a fan of total USB I/O interface. I prefer having the dedicated keyboard port with its own hardware interrupt. Also where did Ctrl-Alt-Del go in Windows Vista?

Tried to move the computer to another electrical circuit and off the UPS and surge protector. Moved it out of the desk cavity thinking maybe a thermal issue.

I try to take pictures of the screens when they show up. I think I missed about 3 or so. A couple of times the system just rebooted on its own. I have left for hours and come back and it is okay so it might be I/O triggered. Does not seemed tied to one specific application either.

**************** UPDATE ************************
I think I found a solution, rather crude but initial results are promising.  Using a 1000 Watt hair dryer, I heat the two smaller heat sinked chips on the motherboard.  I suspect the issue is somewhere in the USB functionality so which chip it is or region of the motherboard needs to be determined.  Up to this point I left the computer on so the issue did rear its ugly head which is fine in the winter with the device acting like a 400 W heater.  Not good when the A/C has be be running though plus why run the computer if it is not acting like a server.  So a partial solution that prevents frustration and saves energy!