Monday, January 2, 2012

Polished Slabs at Carnegie Museum

To begin 2012, a tack away from fossils will be taken temporarily for some geological eye candy. The Hillman Hall of Minerals of Gems at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History has a beautiful display of illuminated mineral slices. This posting shows just a few so you will need to visit Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in person to truly appreciate the beauty of these specimens. The first is an agate and amethyst piece from Brazil. Followed by another Brazilian piece of "bullseye" agate.

This next is is of a cross section of fire opal from Mexico.

This multi-shaded purple specimen is a piece of rhodochrosite from Argentina.

The following image is of an agate from Brazil.

This next picture is of a nephrite jade found in New Zealand.

The last image is of liddicoatite from Madagascar.