Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Fossils Added to KYANA Mississippian Section

I have added some new fossils to the KYANA Geological Society website Mississippian fossil area. The fossils were found throughout Kentucky.

Brachiopod: Punctospirifer depressus

Trilobite: Phillibole sp.

Gastropod: Bellerophon sp., Mourlonia sp.

Crinoid: Batocrinus sp., Batocrinus icosadactylus, Cactocrinus sp., Dizygocrinus indianaensis, Paradichocrinus sp., Teleocrinus umbrosus, Uperocrinus pyriformis

Blastoid: Pentremites godoni, Pentremites pulchellus, Pentremites pyriformes

Other: Lingula sp.

Find them at this webpage: http://www.kyanageo.org/mississippian.html

Trilobites at Louisville Science Center

There is a small round window in the natural science area of the Louisville Science Center that contains 3 trilobite fossils. The following pictures are not the greatest because they were taken in odd lighting and through display glass. No labels are on the fossils.

The first two are of the same Silurian Dalmanites specimen. I took one in shadow and the other from the overhead lighting. I am guessing the segment is about 10 cm long.

Here is unknown trilobite fragment.

This looks like an enrolled Devonian Phacops rana trilobite found in the Louisville Kentucky area.