Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pleuroceras Ammonite - Germany

This fossil is a species of the genus Pleuroceras found in the clay pits at Buttenheim located in the state of Bayern (Bavaria), Germany. I think it is located in the Lias lithostratigraphic unit which would date to the Jurassic. Fossil is about 3 cm wide.

One can learn more at the German fossil site The site is in German but use a to help figure out what is being said if you do not understand the language. I did learn that der steinkern apparently means "the stone core".

Thanks to Dieter Ketelsen of Hamburg, Germany for the fossils/matrix. Also I appreciate Michael at for bringing the matrix the fossil was in and paper guide to the fossil collection area. 

I tried to prep this with an engraver to remove large matrix sections and then a needle for the finer parts. The matrix is soft and easy to remove but as I found out must be done with a delicate touch. As a result I knocked the center whirl out. It retrospect, more care should have been taken and I should have consulted the Preparation and Recovery section of