Monday, July 14, 2008

Archimedes Bryozoans

Here are some small Archimedes bryozoans found off I-64 W of Louisville near Sulphur, Indiana. I believe the rock is of the Mississippian (Carboniferous) period and a great place to find blastoids and Archimedes fossils. It is a well known spot though so a lot of collectors visit this outcrop. Also some climbing is required to get to the rich fossil zones.

More than likely the specimens shown in the image are one of the following species: Archimedes distans (Ulrich), Archimedes invaginatus (Ulrich), Archimedes sublaxus (Ulrich), Archimedes meekanoides (McFarlan), or Archimedes mcfarlani (Condra & Elias).

More information about Archimedes found at this site can be found at this web page created by a local naturalist at the Falls of the Ohio, Indiana State Park
web page link