Monday, September 5, 2011

Calymene Trilobite Polished

Here is the trilobite fossil shown in yesterday's post after it has been polished with a buffing wheel.  Since this trilobite shell appears to be a molt and began to dearticulate it does not appear that the matrix can be removed between some of the thorax segments.

This Calymene trilobite is from the Waldron Shale (Middle Silurian Period, Wenlockian stage) of Clark County, Indiana USA. The genus Calymene was named by Brongniart in 1822.

Thanks again to Kenny with help with sand abrasive work to help clean off the glue residue and mini-scribe work to reveal more detail on the cheeks.

If there had been internal remnants of a trilobite it might have looked something like below. It is a drawing done back in 1920 by Dr. Elvira Wood of the Calymene senaria Conrad.