Monday, September 20, 2021

Eunema speciosum Gastropod Fossil

While collecting in Alpena Michigan USA earlier this month, I found something that I could not immediately identify. It was gastropod fossil found in the Potters Farm Formation of the Traverse Group. The fossil dates to the middle Devonian Period (Givetian Stage). After consulting with Paleo Joe he told me it was a Longstaffia speciosa (Whiteaves, 1892) snail fossil as identified in Devonian Strata of Alpena and Presque Isle Counties, Michigan by G. M. Ehlers and R. V. Kesling (1970) [LINK]. For some reason the species name was altered in this document from its original name which ended in the letters "um" which were replaced with the letter "a". In Latin, words that end in "um" are genitive plural and plural words end in "a".

This species was named by Joseph Frederick Whiteaves (1835-1909) as Eunema speciosum in 1892's The Fossils of the Devonian Rocks of the Islands, Shores or Immediate Vicinity of Lakes Manitoba and Winnipegosis [LINK]. The genus Eunema was named by Salter in 1859 and then renamed in 1908 by Cossmann to Longstaffia.

According to Fossilworks the new name for this fossil is Kitikamispira speciosum (Wagner, 2020).