Friday, July 3, 2009

Corals and a Brachiopod

Silurian coral Arachnophyllum pentagonum (Goldfuss) found in Louisville limestone showing a top and side views.
Here are two pieces of Coenites laqueata from the Silurian period found in Louisville limestone.

Close up of Silurian coral Coenites (older name Cladopora) laqueata.

Another close up view of the smaller coral Coenites laqueata Rominger.

Here are a number of Heliolites elegans Hall from the Silurian Period (Louisville limestone).

Devonian brachiopod Pseudoatrypa sp. from Jeffersonville limestone.

Large (11 cm diameter) Favosites turbinatus Billings with a closer view than previous images shown in an earlier posting. This fossil is Devonian period from Jeffersonville limestone.

Close up of Favosites turbinatus surface.