Monday, August 4, 2008


Here is something that Kentucky is known for... COAL.

While fossil species are usually shown here, I found these pieces in the dump piles at the cemetery and they might be the remanents of a garbage dump from an earlier time in Louisville. Coal in Kentucky comes from the Pennsylvanian period also known as the "Coal Age".

The plants during this time consisted of ferns and trees. Remains of plant debris collected and became peat which eventually became coal.

Revised: After a KYANA fossil study session, it appears this coal is not from Kentucky but maybe Pennsylvania. Kentucky coal is more streaky and leaves a black mark like charcoal on your hands.

Halysite Pieces

Here are some new halysite pieces I found that the Louisville area cemetery the cephalopod was found at.

This points to a set of Silurian fossils.