Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tentaculites with Devonochonetes

Presented for your visual inspection, a Devonian hash plate from the Silver Creek Limestone of Clark County Indiana.  An intact Tentaculites with a lot of Devonochonetes brachiopods.

The Tentaculites is an extinct molluscs that lived in the Devonian and Silurian.  The ringed cone like shell is known as a conch.  Study of Devonian pyrite specimens from Germany alludes to the creature having tentacles.   So maybe they were like miniature shelled squids.  The next image shows the Tentaculites being about 1 cm in length.

Learn more about Tentaculitoids in the 1996 book Fossils of Ohio, Chapter 20 (pp.282-287) written by Stig M. Bergström.

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On one side of this limestone block, is a cross section of a brachiopod with calcite crystals.

On the bottom of the plate are more remains of brachiopods plus this pygidium of a trilobite.  More that like it belonged to a Phacops.

View of top of plate:

View of bottom of plate:

View of one of the sides: