Saturday, November 7, 2015

Scytalocrinus disparilis Crinoid Calyx Fossil

UPDATE: This fossil was originally identified as an Aphelecrinus bayensis.

The fossil pictured appears to be a Scytalocrinus disparilis (MIller and Gurley) crinoid calyx. It was found in the New Providence Formation of Clark County Indiana USA. This crinoid is known from Crawfordsville and Muldraugh Member of the Borden Formation in Kentucky. The creature existed in the Mississippian Period. The matrix had to be coated with a sealer since it was so soft.

Thanks to Kenny for the image.


Anonymous said...

Mike, I am told it is a Synbathocrinus swallovi, from the salem fossils list. Kenny

Anonymous said...

Mike, I have the correct name now,thanks to Bill Ausich, Scytalocrinus disparilis, sorry for the error. The first name was from the Alabama book which was Chesterian, the last from the Salem which is closer, this is a Keokuk fossil, found in Crawfordsville and the Muldraugh of KY.