Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Agaricocrinus americanus Crinoid

Agaricocrinus americanus crinoids on display at the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Crinoids are from the famous Crawfordsville location found in the Edwardsville Formation.  Animals grew in the Mississippian Period.

Next picture shows an Agaricocrinus splendens on display at the Muséum National D'Historie Naturelle Jardin Des Plantes Paléontologie et Anatomie Comparée in Paris, France.  More than likely it is from Crawfordsville, Indiana.


davor said...

These crawfordsville crinoids are gorgeous! Do you know of other locations around the country that produce so many nice specimens?

Kentuckiana Mike said...

In my opinion, Crawfordsville produces the best! That said, I have seen impressive crinoids from Iowa in museums.

If you look at Indiana9fossils site he lists Gilmore City Formation in Iowa as one locale and the LeGrand crinoids of Hampton Formation.

Indiana Rate said...

Parts of SW Ohio have some great finds as well. There are some caverns just North of Dayton in a rural area where you will find them.

Kentuckiana Mike said...

The Burlington, Iowa locale might be the other famous place in the United States for crinoids.

The German locality of Holzmaden also produces very nice museum pieces.