Thursday, February 11, 2010

Palmula Foraminifera from Germany

Pictures of the foraminifera Palmula found in Sternberger Kuchen near Kobrow, Germany. These tiny creatures existed in the Paleogene Period (approximately 65-23 million years ago).

The specimens were provided by Michael Hesemann of the amazing website ( I photographed these fossils with an Orion Microxplore MFL-06 microscope and Kodak Easyshare LS743 camera.

These first two pictures appear to be a Palmula obliqua foraminifera.  Learn more at this webpage.



This last specimen appears to be Palmula oblonga foraminifera.  See this webpage for more info.

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Unknown said...

Hi Michael,

very nice shots of these Palmulas.

Their huge size - for a foraminifera - indicates a very warm climate, which has been the case for the shallow sea upon northern Germany in parts of the Chattian.