Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Four Types of Waldron Shale Brachiopods

This post is on recently found Silurian Period brachiopods from the Waldron Shale (also called Niagara Limestone), Clark County, Indiana. These first 3 pictures are probably of the Rhynchotrematidae cf. Stegerhynchus sp. or an Eospirifer eudora.

This next brachiopod appears to be the Meristella maria Hall(1863), also known as Meristina maria Hall(1867,1879).
This next brachiopods may have appeared before on this blog before.  The two on the left are Atrypa sp. The right brachiopod is the Homoeospira evax named by Hall and Clarke in 1893.

This last brachiopod is one I am not sure about but appears to be an Atrypa sp.  It was found broken in half and the inside contain calcite crystals.


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I was wondering if you know of a link to what kind of fossils one could find in the Pikeville area of SE KY? I might be visiting that area someday. Looking for a link is all jumbbled because of the coal industry. did find this huge site of old pictures, pretty neat.
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I found what I was looking for.


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