Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Devonian Coral Finds

I found this mineral deposit in a coral piece. It looks like pyrite but there is some green in this.

Some sort of hexagon type coral.

Here is a Devonian period coral call Favosites turbinatus or "knee cap" coral. This knee cap coral might be the biggest one I have found. It is about 11 cm in diameter.
Other side of the previous Favosites turbinatus coral shown.

Still wet from being cleaned but some delicate branching Devonian corals.

Unknown Devonian brachiopod embedded is the rock block. Nice view of its fossilized lophophore.

Here is a Devonian period horn coral with a budding daughter coral. It is probably a Cystiphylloides sp.

Here are some fragments of snail molds. The snail more than like was the Devonian period Turbinopsis shumardi.


Mathias said...

The limestone around it looks recrystalised. The mineral might be marcasite - though in limestones I am always thinking about some kind of hydrothermal mineralisation of Galenite and Sphalerite as it exist in MVT deposits.

Kentuckiana Mike said...

Thank you for the feedback.

Could it be Chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) with the copper content causing the greenish color?

The limestone contains a Silurian period colonial coral that is more apparent when the specimen is wet.

Mathias said...

Yeah I think there is some chalcopyrite in there. The pieces looking a big like brass or bronze might be it. It's really not so easy on a foto.