Saturday, February 27, 2010

Loxonema pexatum Snail

These pictures are not great but this 9 section snail fossil is amazingly intact.  The fossil was found in Speed, Indiana in the Jeffersonville Limestone of the Devonian Period.  It appears to be a Loxonema pexatum snail fossil.

Thanks to Mary Ann for letting me photograph it.


Shamalama said...

Interesting... I've found similar snails in my Devonian rocks but have always called them Plaeozygopleura based on this plate from the "Fossil Collecting in Pennsylvania" book (report G40):

Unfortunately the website is less than helpful in illustrating any relationships that may exist.

Fossil Detective said...

The Devonian Period Loxonema snail shows up in the Onondaga Limestone of Pennsylvania.

Of course, it could be renamed after looking at this Paleobiology Database entry: which shows Loxonema retrostriatum being renamed Palaeozygopleura retrostriata which then got named Rhenozyga retrostriatum.

So maybe it is the same snail.

Shamalama said...

I didn't see that entry before, good find! As I read further it seems that Paleozygopleura has since been renamed Rhenozyga as of 2008. Sheesh! I think I'm keeping my label as is. Kind of like all my Platystrophia which should be renamed to Vinlandostrophia according to [ ] and [ ].