Sunday, February 28, 2010

Leptaena Brachiopod

UPDATE: I originally labeled this Megastrophia concava but Shamalama determined it was probably a Leptaena brachiopod instead.  After some more research, I agree.

Leptaena brachiopod found in the Jeffersonville Limestone of Clark County, Indiana.  This brachiopod existed in the Devonian Period.

Thanks to Mary Ann for letting me photograph it.




Shamalama said...

To me It looks more like a Leptaena rather than Megastrophia. From the pictures it looks like a brachial valve and the underside shows pronounced concentric growth lines. I am also comparing it to figures 23,24 on page 235 in "Fossils of Ohio".

Kentuckiana Mike said...

I believe you are corect, this fossil is mislabeled. After some research the Leptaena rhomboidalis has been found in the Devonian Period limestone of Clark County, Indiana.

I saw that in picture of the Leptaena in the Fossils of Ohio book on page 233, figure 6 but since it was labeled Silurian Period I did not consider it.