Friday, July 31, 2015

Dinosaur Egg Fossils on Display

These pictures show dinosaur fossil eggs. It is thought more spherical or round eggs belong to herbivores while narrow and long eggs belonged to meat eating dinosaurs.

Inside of fossil egg that has mineralized.

Here is a model on display of what a baby dinosaur might look like.

Fossils were on display at Children's Museum of Indianapolis Dinosphere exhibit as of July 2015. They are on loan from John and Jack Hankla.

The museum was founded in 1925 and consists of an approximate 44,000 square meter facility on a 29 acre area site. Their natural science collection contains more than 10,000 items. Some of the items in the collection are the dinosaur Dracorex hogwartsia, fossil of teenage T.rex, Christensen Mastodon, 3.5-4 billion year old Acasta Gneiss, and the Geisler geological collection. Learn more at this link.


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I think I might have a fossil egg that mineralized. I would appreciate it if you please got back to me. Thanks

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I would really like it if you would get a hold of me so you cab can help me identify this thing I thought was possibly a rock. That was until I busted it open. My email is Thank you for your time.