Sunday, February 24, 2013

Guam Micro Samples

UPDATE (11/19/2017): The long semi-transparent specimens in the images might be a sponge spicule. I was reading the a book entitled  On Growth and Form (1st edition, 1917) by D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson chapter IX On Concretions, Spicules, and Spicular Skeletons page 413 shows images of Alcyonarian spicules: Siphonogorgia and Anthogorgia. These images look some what similar to the specimens shown in the images on this page. Thanks to Fossils and Other Living Things for this posting and this posting.

This specimens were found at Pago Beach on the island of Guam. Images are magnified 40 times under a microscope which should equate to a 4 mm field of view. The first picture has a gastropod in it. The other specimens might be some sort of foraminifera.

Thanks to Pam for obtaining the specimen and Herb for the processed material.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Mike--

Nice photos! The pointy objects in photos 1 and 3 are spicules or sclerites, probably from octocorals (soft corals). See for example
These are quite common in biogenic tropical sands; some types are purple or red, and quite attractive.
Photo 2 is Amphistegina, a foram.


Kentuckiana Mike said...

Thanks Howard!
Spot on.
You are like the Sherlock Holmes fossil detective of the Internet!

Unknown said...

the foraminifera is Amphistegina
see e.g.


Kentuckiana Mike said...

Amphistegina is a good match.