Friday, May 6, 2011

Fluorescent Mineral Video

UPDATE (November 2013): The web sites seems to have changed the location of the embedded video here is a link if above does not work:
Science Friday on NPR posted a very informative yet brief video about the minerals at Franklin, New Jersey. When it comes to shortwave ultraviolet fluorescent minerals, it is hard to top those found in Franklin/Sterling Hill, New Jersey. It is fun taking pictures of these minerals when lit up with ultraviolet light.

CLICK HERE for link to The Franklin Mineral Museum

CLICK HERE for link to The Sterling Hill Mining Museum

Here are some more pictures of a friend's mineral from that area. It is for sale if any one is interested.  Note you need a shortwave ultraviolet light to view the fluorescent colors.


Anonymous said...

*madly adds yet another place for her "one-day long USA tour"*

Dave said...

Scapolite??? Is that one of the minerals from the collection you told me about?