Monday, March 28, 2011

Plumulina "Mystery Animal" Fossil

This fossil appears to be a plant stalk but is in fact a marine animal.  It is called the Plumulina plumaria of the Upper Devonian Period (approximately 380 million years ago). The fossil is on display at the New York State Museum in Albany, New York.  Researchers determined this was not a plant because remnants of proteins were found and not cellulose.

The museum display shows that this animal first appeared in the Hamilton Sea.  It is similar to modern colonial soft corals and hydrozoans.

Fossil was found the Ithaca Formation of Tompkins County, New York.

Thanks to Kenny for the picture and description.


Dave said...

Great fossil, I know of one place you can go look for them but I don't know if they can still be found. I'm going to self promote a little here and plug the post I had on my blog:

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Very interesting Upper Devonian fossil. I'm sure you have seen the following website, but if you have not check out the following link.

Regards - Jack Kesling

Kentuckiana Mike said...

Dave & Jack,

Thanks for the links.

That is one interesting animal that makes a nice looking fossil imprint.