Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brachiopods of the Waldron Shale

Rhynchotreta cuneata
This post includes pictures of 19 different species of brachiopods found in the Waldron Shale of Clark County, Indiana.  They existed in the Silurian Period.  The Atrypa or Stegerhynchus are the most common found.

Eospirifer eudora

Whitfieldella nitida

Eospirifer radiatus

Laptaena waldronensis

Meristina maria

Unicinulus stricklandi

Stegerhynchus sp.

Parmorthis waldronensis

Rhipidomella hybrida
Atrypa reticularis

Homoeospira evax
Uncinulus saffordi
Fardenia subplana
"Orthis" subnodosa

Dictyonella reticulata

Spirifer (Delthyris) crispus simplex
Protomegastrophia profunda
Sieberella roemeri?


Dave said...

Mike, Thanks to the shells you posted and labelled, I have been able to confirm my first Eospirifer radiatus from the Keyser formation (also part of the Helderberg Fauna). I also have some Whirfieldella and Meristina as well as a Meristella. I'll post pics of these on my blog at a later date.

Kentuckiana Mike said...

I am glad it was useful. There are maybe another 10 brachiopods I am having issues identifying.

Just ordered a book on Rochester Shale fossils that I am hoping will help with identification though.

Charles Rizza said...

Hello my son found a small rock with a shell indented into it and I’m wondering if I could get it identified if it is a shell. Thank you is where you can get back to me