Monday, November 15, 2010

Cipangopaludina japonica River Snail

 This is not a fossil but it could be one day.  Snail shells found in the White River of  Indianapolis, Indiana.  Some how this Asian snail has gotten loose in the river and is multiplying.  I found 6 shells on a 5 meter stretch of river bank.  A naturalist at the Indiana State Museum identified it as maybe a Cipangopaludina japonica.

Two specimens are shown in these images.  The largest is 5.2 cm long, 4.0 cm wide, and 3.8 cm tall.  I wonder if these creatures are edible?

In addition, I found two types of river bivalves and two other types of smaller snails.


Anonymous said...

I found one at Lake James in Northern Indidana. It's about 5.2 cm long. It look jusst like the one in the first picture. it was floating on the top of the water.

Anonymous said...

I found one at Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park Indianapolis, In. Empty on one of the docks on the "duck pond."

Unknown said...

Hello. I am writing to try to get in touch with the person that posted the photos. I am trying to obtain permission to use a photo of Cipangopaludina japonica for an invasive species database, as this species is invasive to the Great Lakes basin. If anyone know how/who to reach out to I would appreciate them letting me know. Thanks. -Susie

Kentuckiana Mike said...

You can use the photos for your database. My e-mail is if you want to contact me directly. Also there are more photos here including what the shell looks like after it has been cleaned:
Note, the species name might not be correct apparently there is one from China as well so this might be that species.

Unknown said...

You can find them at Eagle Creek. Alive.