Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fossil Festival 2010

If you are any where near Louisville, Kentucky this weekend (September 18-19, 2010) stop by the Falls of the Ohio State Park's 16th Annual Fossil Festival.  Learn more at their web site:

I will be giving a presentation Saturday on Fossils and the Internet.  A short presentation about different websites on the Internet pertaining to fossils.  The image above is a sheet, entitled "Fossils of the Waldron Shale".  I created it to help visitors identify the fossils they can find in the Silurian aged rock pile at the edge of the parking lot.  There will also be piles of dirt to find Devonian fossils and fluorite minerals from Illinois.

If any one would like a PDF version of the Waldron Shale Fossils identification page, e-mail me at  The Blogger software does not let me post PDF files.


davor said...

See you there!

Kentuckiana Mike said...

It was nice meeting you. I hope you enjoyed the Fossil Festival 2010!