Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Devonian Period Phacops Trilobite

The following are some trilobite fossil pictures taken using a glass plate to eliminate shadow. The lighting could be better and my background cloth is a little wrinkled. I did not set up the light box but instead used a much more primitive setup.

The fossils were found in Clark County, Indiana. They are from the Devonian Period.

This first three images are of the same fossil. It is one of the better specimens I found that day. The Phacops rana trilobite is a little over 2 cm wide. It is possible the whole trilobite is intact. The pygidium and lower thorax are partially covered by matrix. I will try air abrasion cleaning at a later date. Unfortunately, the compound lens of the trilobites eye are gone from one side. I count 8 thorax segments visible.

Welcome to the land of fossils in Clark County, Indiana. This rock layer might be Jeffersonville Limestone. Beautiful day to collect!

Phacops rana cephalon that is probably a molt. Two views of the same fossil.

Fragment of a Phacops rana cephalon that seems to have a bit of black maganese on it.

Upside down cephalon embedded in matrix. This trilobite is probably a Phacops rana.

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