Sunday, April 5, 2009

Snail Called Turbinopsis shumardi

Volunteered at the Louisville Science Center again and even though it was NanoDay I was able to take a few fossil pictures. Here is one of a gastropod (snail) in the a display case on the 2nd floor near the window looking out over the Ohio River. It is a Devonian snail called Turbinopsis shumardi and I am guessing it was found in Louisville, Kentucky in the Jeffersonville Limestone. It seemed to be about 10-20 cm in width. It appears to be a mold or cast.

Here is a link to another one found on the KYANA Geological Society website.

In the same case is a Devonian colonial coral called Favosites (Emmonsia) epidermata. I have posted this specimen before but thought I would take another picture. Here is a link to a picture of another one at the KYANA Geological Society website.

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