Monday, September 27, 2010

Fossil Prepping Update on Trilobites

The Calymene trilobite that I documented over the weekend has more of its left cheek exposed.  I have suspended work on it as the needle tool handle has blistered my hand making it painful to use.  Once my hand heals up, I will continue to try and reach the bottom ridge line of the cephalon.

Kenny has finished prepping the Trimerus trilobite pygidium.  It looks great!

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Dave said...

Mike, I like how you are showing us how the fossil slowly emerges from the rock as you prep it. I can see from the various angles that the cephalon is tilted up and away from the rest of the body which, to me, implies that it is a molt. The shell's seam broke behind the cephalon, it backed it's head out then crawled forward out of the rest of the shell.