Saturday, August 21, 2010

Silurian Recepticulites

Recepticulites (some type of sponge?) found in the Laurel Member of the Salamonie Dolomite (Nelson County, Kentucky).  Fossil existed in the Silurian Period.


Anonymous said...

I found a fossil very similar to this photograph in my graveled driveway. It has a sponge-like appearance on the bottom. I live in Northern Ohio. I am wondering where it could have come from and if it is rare?

Kentuckiana Mike said...

I am not that familiar with Ohio geology but I do have a book Fossils of Ohio. One of the best books on invertebrate fossils for the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana region.
It lists Receptaculites being found in the Cedarville Dolomite of Clinton County and in Greene County.
From my experience, this type of fossil is not commonly found.