Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Silurian Arachnophyllum Plus Aulopora

This fossil appears to be an Arachnophyllum coral from the Silurian Period.  It was found in the Louisville Limestone of Jefferson County, Kentucky.  This specimen has some really good sections showing septa definition.

Here is an Aulopora precius? coral growing on the Arachnophyllum coral.

Below is the fossil with a ruler showing the fossil to be about 10 cm long.

Thanks to my cousin for loaning me this fossil to photograph!


Scott said...

Great corals. My very first fossil finds were the common corals and crinoid fossils that I found near my home in NJ. I recently posted some of those to my blog. They are more notable as a first find than for there specimen quality.

Anonymous said...

Really amazing. The pattern is known as a voronoi. It is often used in planning to draw boundary lines based on an infinite number of points set to equal distances between any given points.