Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Arctic Sea Creatures

These creature remains were collected from the Greenland Sea near the Arctic years ago. They are not fossils and all of them are foraminifera except these first two pictures. Not sure what this is but it might spiny shellfish of some sort. All pictures taken with microscope at either 40x or 100x.

UPDATE: Thanks to Howard of Calgary for letting me know this is an ostracod (crustacean: "seed shrimp") and Arctic is spelled with two c's. :)  Now I just need to edit the captions on these pictures.

Next three pictures are of a foraminifera.

Next two images are of what I think to be a Pyrgo williamsoni foraminifera.

Last image is of what appears to be the foraminifera Rhabdammina abyssorum.

Thanks to Michael Hesemann at www.foraminifera.eu for the specimens.


Anonymous said...

The critter in the first two photos is an ostracod ("seed shrimp"), a crustacean.

BTW: ar(c)tic.


Fossil Detective said...

Thanks for the corrections. I am glad you knew what that little pill shaped spiny creature was.

Have a good day!

Michael said...

Dear Michael,

sorry for having confused you with my bad spelling and thanks for you hint to correct it.

It should read Arctic instead of Artic.

Michael H.

Michael said...

It is not Cribrostomoides, as they are agglutinating their tests. These seem to be hyaline and calcareous.
I have to find such specimens in the material in order to make a proposal for classification.

Michael h.