Friday, February 12, 2010

Canadian Crinoid Calyx

In honor of the Winter Olympics now in Canada, we get to see a Canadian fossil image.

This crinoid calyx image was sent to me by Paul Racicot who has a blog at  Do not fret if you cannot read French as can help you with automatic translation (go to the Google site and enter the website address and choose the translation type).

This calyx about 1 cm wide was found in L'Anse-McInnis, Gaspesia, Province of Quebec.  Not sure the exact time period but it appears to be either Devonian or Silurian.  Always good to find a crinoid calyx!

Thanks for the image Paul.


Paul Racicot said...
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Paul Racicot said...

The "period" surely extends from the Upper Silurian to the Lower Devonian. Sometimes, things overlap. And I am still searching for a more precise identification of this specimen...