Friday, October 23, 2009

Permian Period Brachiopods

The following pictures are of brachiopods from the Permian Period. The specimens are on display at the natural history museum in Paris, France.

This first brachiopod is a Neospirifer ravana from Greenland.

This next set of brachiopod fossils are called "Terebratula" sufflata and I believe they were found in Germany.

This brachiopod is called Neospirifer alatus and I believe it was found in Germany.

These brachiopod fossils are called Neochonetes granulifer and were found in America.

These brachiopod fossils are called "Athyris" pectinifera and were found in Russia.


Shamalama said...

I understand that these are museum pieces and they don't pay as much attention to them as other items in the building, but could they at least turn the bloody shells over so we don't get distracted by the inventory number? Just sayin.

Fossil Detective said...

Yes, that is unfortunate the accession numbers obscure the fossil detail.

I think they glued some of the fossils to the display cards.

Maybe the way to do it is post the accession number next to the fossil on the card then show the side of the fossil not written on.