Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sponge Hindia sphaeroidalis

This porifera or sponge is probably a Devonian period Hindia sphaeroidalis that was embedded in a chert nodule. The odd thing is most references to this sponge are Ordovician but I guess it survived into the Devonian. This sponge was found in the Louisville, Kentucky and must be from the Jeffersonville Limestone.

See this KYANA Geological Society fossil: http://www.kyanageo.org/Fossils/silurian/sponges/Hindia_sphaeroidalis_POR14.JPG


Mishlen said...

I went out collecting and found numerous sponges of various shapes, also, within chert nodules. I've never hunted sponges before, and I am happy taht there are so many here, in Bloomington Indian, along S.R. 36
I'd love to see what others have found!

Fossil Detective said...

Thanks for the comment. I have always been curious about sponges as well.

Check out the entries on stromatoporoids or coralline marine sponges.

Louis said...

Yes, Hindia survived into the Devonian. I have found several in New York State USA in Helderbergian dolostones. They're small but cute and VERY collectible.