Saturday, July 3, 2010

Enrolled Phacops rana

First two images of an enrolled Phacops rana trilobite fossil found in the Silver Creek Member of the North Vernon Limestone of Clark County, Indiana.  This fossil has been sandblasted though concrete like residue still remains in between thorax segments.  Creature existed in the Middle Devonian Period.  Nice size for this trilobite at about 3 cm wide.

Still not been able to determine if pygidium or cephalon exists on this fossil due to hardness of matrix.  Tried using the engraver some to expose more of fossil but conservative use due to fragile nature of fossil.

Fossil in plate before sand blasting.

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Lincoln Shoemaker said...

Hello, where can I go to find phacops like this? Phacops are some of my favorite genera, but the only rocks of the devonian age I know of are all new albany shale? Could you please e-mail me a locality if possible? My e-mail is Thank you.