Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cretalamna Shark Teeth

UPDATE: Thanks to Lance Hall for a new identification of this fossil shark tooth.  It appears to be a Cretalamna instead of a Scapanorhynchus that I originally reported.  Go to Lance's great fossil site: http://northtexasfossils.com/

Teeth of the Cretalamna shark from the Upper Cretaceous Period. It was found in the Eagle Ford Group, Kamp Ranch Formation in Dallas County, Texas.
Thanks to Herb for the images.


LanceHall said...

Those look more like Cretalamna to me. Scapanorhynchus is a long bladed tooth. If you can get a copy of "The Collector's Guide to Fossil Shark and Rays of Texas" it's worth every penny!


Fossil Detective said...

Thank you for the correction. I have updated this post.

The area I live in has few shark remains but when we find them they are quite old (Devonian and Mississippian Periods).