Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Fossils Added to KYANA Mississippian Section

I have added some new fossils to the KYANA Geological Society website Mississippian fossil area. The fossils were found throughout Kentucky.

Brachiopod: Punctospirifer depressus

Trilobite: Phillibole sp.

Gastropod: Bellerophon sp., Mourlonia sp.

Crinoid: Batocrinus sp., Batocrinus icosadactylus, Cactocrinus sp., Dizygocrinus indianaensis, Paradichocrinus sp., Teleocrinus umbrosus, Uperocrinus pyriformis

Blastoid: Pentremites godoni, Pentremites pulchellus, Pentremites pyriformes

Other: Lingula sp.

Find them at this webpage: http://www.kyanageo.org/mississippian.html

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